Hearts That Beat

> We are HEARTS THAT BEAT – a brother and sister songwriting duo from the north west UK.Back in the 80’s our parents met through an ad that our mother put in the local newspaper. ‘Female Singer looking for a keyboard player’ – our dad responded to the ad, they met for an audition and the rest is history! Our parents took a back seat in music a long time ago and now we are carrying the musical blood forward!

We have been songwriting and producing music for a number of years and have recorded tracks in various small studios but have never had the courage to release any of our music to the public until now. It is always daunting thinking to ourselves ‘what if people don’t like it?’. But recently we have come to the conclusion that we have this one life and don’t want to live never trying and never knowing!

So…. Here we are! We really hope you like what we do because this stuff means so much to us! We write, record, arrange and produce our own tracks in our own home studio in the North West, UK.

Our first debut single ‘Now or Never’ was released to radio and we are so thankful for how it has been received. It is available for download at all the major online stores. We were extremely fortunate to place in the Top 10 at the International song of peace competition with our song ‘Stick Together’.

For us this is only the start of a long and exciting journey making and releasing music.

Hearts That Beat are supported by the team at Country Music Social Media and her song “”Breaking Up Ain’t Easy”” is included on their nine-track compilation album.

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