Black Mountain Tabernacle

Black Mountain Tabernacle is an Americana-inspired guitar band from Portsmouth consisting of two founder members who are the songwriters, guitarists and vocalists. They are supported by guest musicians.

The founders are long time admirers of American music with its driving rhythms, storytelling, melody, honesty, grit, valve-driven amplifiers and tried and tested traditional guitars like the Telecaster.


The Black Mountain Tabernacle mission is to blend the powerful elements of Americana music that has endured through the decades and reimagine it with a blend of traditional and state of the art recording techniques.

“GoldRush”is a bittersweet tale of perseverance, endurance triumph and tragic loss set in the California gold fields of 1848–1855. After striking a rich seam of gold, the protagonist sends for his true love to join him. Shortly after marrying his sweetheart, she succumbed to illness and is laid to rest.

“GoldRush” was recorded at Brighton Road Studios and co-produced with Jake Skinner. Drums and bass were played by Fred Hill and Alfie Weedon of the Fred Hill Trio.

“GoldRush” was mastered by Ben at Rare Tone Mastering.