Sun-Pinned Leaves

Sun-Pinned Leaves are UK duo Christopher Brown from Kent on vocals & Neil Faulkner from Suffolk playing most instruments. Neil produced all 5 albums at Orchard House Studio, Suffolk. Guest performers appear on some tracks and for live work. Chris and Neil first wrote songs together at school in 1975 and continued writing and performing together until pursuing separate projects in the mid-1980s.

Since reuniting Neil and Chris have released five albums commencing with ‘Theories of Destiny’ in 2019. During the pandemic SPL concentrated on creating second and third albums ‘Trans-Genre Express’ and ‘Eclipse’ both receiving global airplay. Their tribute to John Denver ‘Monterey Bay’ is still their most popular track online.

Their 4th album ‘Rock ‘n’ Road’ was awarded 5th best album of 2021 by EATEN ALIVE @eatenalivezine). It saw them played on over 200 different radio shows in the past two years and a return to live shows including The Dublin Castle, London and ‘Ashford Rock 4 Remembrance Festival’.

Sun-Pinned Leaves 5th album Altered States, released 6th August 2022, augments an Americana Folk and Country heart with complimentary genres. It opens with the 1620 crossing of the Atlantic by the ‘Pilgrim Fathers’ then fast-forwards to tales of the 20th century which shaped the US and sometimes beyond in ways that still resonate today.


The first two singles from the album, ‘Long Live’ and ‘Brilliant Jewel’, were broadcast on the BBC Radio Kent Upload Show. Brilliant Jewel was also awarded Best Music Collaboration by The World Songwriting Awards. 

Third single ‘Summer of Love’ remembers 1967’s peace movement and the Monterey Pop Festival and was Banks Radio Australia’s weekly Number 1 (20th July 2022) 

“Call this a divine intervention if you like, or just a sterling track that Archer would be proud of, as your whole heart feels like you have just been kissed by an angel.” (A&R Factory – Llewelyn Screen 10th July 2022).