Sun-Pinned Leaves

Sun-Pinned Leaves are Christopher Brown from Kent on vocals & Neil Faulkner from Suffolk – playing all instruments. Guest musicians appear for live work. Neil also recorded and produced all 4 albums at Orchard House Studio, Suffolk. 

Chris and Neil first wrote songs together at school in 1975 and continued writing and performing together until pursuing separate projects in the mid-1980s. Having recently reunited Neil and Chris were keen to record their favourite self-penned 80s material plus new songs resulting in artist Sun-Pinned Leaves and first album ‘Theories of Destiny’ which was voted 8th best album of 2019 by EATEN ALIVE zine Feb 2019 (Facebook: @eatenalivezine). The album was debuted live at the Lighthouse Deal in 2019. 

Since the pandemic SPL have concentrated on writing and recording with second album ‘Trans-Genre Express’ released on 3rd April 2020 and third album ‘Eclipse’ on 1st October 2020 with both receiving global airplay. The Americana flavoured tribute to John Denver ‘Monterey Bay’ was a weekly number 1 with Banks Radio Australia. ‘Eclipse’ was awarded 6th best album of 2020 by EATEN ALIVE (@eatenalivezine). In December 2020 ‘Love Is’ was the Christmas Number 1 on Live & Listed, 106.9 sfm Sittingbourne, Kent. Sun-Pinned Leaves featured on the BBC Radio Kent Upload show on 20/4/21. Most recent gigs were Dublin Castle, Camden and Rock 4 Remembrance Festival (Ashford, Kent).

Sun-Pinned Leaves 4th album “Rock ‘N’ Road” blends a range of Americana styles to tell tales of journeys and destinations. Each track is the story of someone’s journey, literally and metaphorically and is available on all major online platforms and as a CD available from Bandcamp and the Online Music Store.

“Rock ’n’ Road has the feel of a sonic travelogue, one with stellar performances and groovy, occasionally lounge-like vibes. The professionalism of the artists is consistent throughout. These guys can definitely sing and play their instruments. The lyrics are vivid and rich with substantive detail, allowing listeners to visualize these experiences as if we were stowaways on the journey the entire time.” (Anastim Ducray – 6th August 2021)