Chris Johno Johnson

Chris Johno Johnson is  a country music artist based in Bridlington, East Yorkshire. He tours the whole of the UK gigging at various country music venues and festivals. Chris also writes his own songs and music. His first single to be released is ‘One Mile at A Time’ which debuted on

Chris has always been a keen country music fan. As a child, he enjoyed artists introduced to him by his parents such as Jim Reeves, Willie Nelson, Dolly Parton and Eagles.

Chris was serving in the Army in Canada when he first heard Garth Brooks in the 90’s. This changed everything for him. Chris knew then that he wanted to perform. Since then, he has been been an avid listener and learner of the songs by artists he loves from Garth Brooks right up to modern day artists such as Luke Combs.

Johno was Chris’s nickname in the Army and so he always wrote his name as Chris Johno Johnson on Facebook so old friends could find me him. Promoters then would use that on posters to promote his gigs so the whole thing stuck.

Chris loves the feeling of performing live and gets a real buzz from meeting people wherever he goes and sharing his love of country music with them.