Russel Kitchin

Russel Kitchin is a singer/songwriter from Sheffield. After much success with his award-winning country cover band Badlands, Russel decided that it was about time he pursued his dream of going solo as a country music singer/songwriter.

Having discovered his love and passion of country music from a young age (inspired by his mum’s country and western mix-tapes), it felt only natural for Russel to pursue this creative venture throughout his childhood, and into his adult career.

Influenced by country legends such as Vince Gill, Marty Stuart, Brad Paisley and Alan Jackson, alongside blues icons Joe Bonamassa and Eric Clapton, Russel’s appreciation of the country genre is reflected deeply in his multi-layered instrumentation, lyrics and message.

Russel’s debut solo album “Wherever You Are” was released in May 2023. The album includes the singles “Fallin'” and “Live Your Dreams”.

In November 2023, the single “Strongest Hands” from the album was released. The song, written by Russ and his two daughters, Heather and Natalie, is a tribute to their beloved, remarkable, and hardworking father and grandfather, Cyril Kitchin, who loved and did everything for his family, working endlessly hard to give them the life he felt they deserved. Starting as a slaughterman at 16 years old, Cyril taught himself to be a mechanic and welder after work, opening up his own garage in the back of their family home, selling and repairing cars in his spare time.

Ever close to his family, Cyril was a guiding light and helping hand throughout Russel and his four granddaughters’ lives, and was an adored father and grandfather – protecting them, guiding them, and spoiling them at every turn. Teaching Russ everything he knew, from the mechanics trade through to fishing and even enjoying a pint or two, Cyril was Russel’s hero, rock, and mentor – always pushing him to be an ambitious man and to spread his wings.

As Cyril got older, his ‘strongest hands’ began to show the signs of years of brutal graft he’d done all his life. He was diagnosed with lymphocytic leukaemia – an illness that had only one outcome. He filled his five remaining years with as much as he could with his wife, his children, and his four granddaughters.

Now, ten years on, Russ and his daughters Heather and Natalie collaborated to write “Strongest Hands,” a touching song dedicated to the life Cyril lived, the love he gave, and the endless affection he received in return. Russel says, “There’s so much more I could say, so much more I could fill a book. 10 years gone and still I miss him; irreplaceable, unforgettable. A real working-class hero of a simpler time gone. RIP dad.”

The album’s fourth single, “Home”, was released in February 2024. 

Russel wrote the song for his wife Paula who, like the partners of so many artists, has the patience of a saint – sacrificing so much time that could be spent together for travelling, rehearsals, gigs, shows, promotion, events, and many other demands that being a musician and performer requires.