Russel Kitchin

Russel Kitchin is a singer/songwriter from Sheffield. After much success with his award-winning country cover band Badlands, Russel decided that it was about time he pursued his dream of going solo as a country music singer/songwriter.

Having discovered his love and passion of country music from a young age (inspired by his mum’s country and western mix-tapes), it felt only natural for Russel to pursue this creative venture throughout his childhood, and into his adult career.

Influenced by country legends such as Vince Gill, Marty Stuart, Brad Paisley and Alan Jackson, alongside blues icons Joe Bonamassa and Eric Clapton, Russel’s appreciation of the country genre is reflected deeply in his multi-layered instrumentation, lyrics and message.

Russel’s debut solo album “Wherever You Are” hits all major streaming platforms on 25th May 2023! Make sure to keep an ear out for his newly released single “Home”, as well as his upcoming tours and events!