Jack Gaton

The two things that define JACK GATON as an artist are his lyrics and his rhythm guitar technique. He is best known for his live pub shows in and around Manchester, where he crafted his storytelling style of songwriting. It was while touring in Johannesburg with a handmade Township oilcan guitar that he perfected his distinctive picking style and made his first recordings with African musicians at the famous Wounded Buffalo studios.

Jack’s album ‘Apology Road’ is a collection of live favourites that always entertain. The new album attempts to capture the spirit of a live Jack Gaton concert and all the songs are laid down in a single take, just with Jack and a Washburn semi-acoustic. It was recorded at Blueprint Studios in Salford, where Elbow recorded ‘The Seldom Seen Kid’, and where country music is a seldom seen genre.

‘Apology Road’ has all the trains, jailcells, booze and bust-ups that any country record could ever need as Jack gets into more scrapes than an old razor. It should definitely not be used as a self help guide to relationship problems. Go see a counsellor and tell them Jack sent ya.

In the Autumn of 2010, Jack recorded an album called “”Northeast of Shoetown””. It brings together a mixed bag of songs, with contemporary and traditional themes. They are all given a modern feel by a very young backing band who were given free reign on Jack’s material. Jack’s harmonica is still there chugging along in the background, but the main thrust of the arrangements is the interplay between the extra twangy rhythm and lead guitars.

The album “”Punk Country”” was released in July 2011. It’s a mixed bag of new Jack Gaton songs from outright country rockers to acoustic ballads. The backing band are as lively as always and the lyrics are entertaining throughout.

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