Chris Cort

Chris Cort is a country artist risen from the rock/metal scene in Oslo, Norway. Chris has played in numerous bands of this genre over the last several years, but country music has always been in his blood. 

Influenced by the outlaw country scene, pulling inspiration from artists like Waylon Jennings and Johnny Cash, heavily influenced by Elvis Presley, and inspired by newcomers such as Paul Cauthen and Orville Peck. With songs about love, dreams, despair, ambitions and life itself, Chris’ music, lyrics and expression truly resonate on a personal level.

Chris’s album “Broken Country” features 10 songs including “Woman Of Sin”. 

Chris says, “The lyrics are based on letting a person into your life who, sometimes not intentionally, makes you become a different person. Makes you lose yourself more and more each day and makes you hate yourself until the point of breaking down. You see your face in the mirror and wonder who you are. You see your future slip away and you struggle to understand what to do with your life. Don’t let the woman of sin in… or the man of sin…”