Adele & Andy

ADELE & ANDY are award-winning modern country singer/songwriters
based in Staffordshire. Their songs are based on their own life experiences and their story telling has received universal appeal.

Adele’s silky and rich tone combined with Andy’s subtle guitar playing makes them easy to listen to. On the back of their last three singles, all of
which reached the top 30 iTunes country chart, they are due to release an EP ‘Where I Belong’ in February 2021.

Adele & Andy’s music has been streamed in 53 different countries and they have a huge following across the major platforms.

In April 2021, Adele and Andy released the single “As Much As I Miss You”.

The song tells of a teenage boy who lost his father when he was a youngster. He knows he must follow in his father’s footsteps and serve his country.