Terry Neason

Terry Neason is a singer, songwriter & entertainer. Terry, an Edinburgh Fringe Angel Award winner, is highly acclaimed for her versatile vocal range in her concerts and recordings. She performs solo with tracks, as a duo and sometimes with a band. 

Terry includes an eclectic style of songs, poetry and humour in her shows and sings her own originals as well as country, folk, blues, jazz and classics by Edith Piaf and Jacques Brel. She has performed at festivals around the world including Canada, Europe and Singapore.

Terry has released several albums and an EP of country originals “Ice ‘n’ Flame”. The melodies and lyrics for the four songs were written by Terry and based around arrangement performed by Dougal Gudim who Terry met while touring the UK with a musical called Glasgow Girls. Terry heard Dougal, the stage manager on the show, playing backstage and asked if he wanted to collaborate on the songs.