Badlands is an all-live band consisting of drums, bass, guitars, lead and harmony vocals. Four individual styles of music have been brought together by the love of playing live and the enjoyment of country music. That’s what gives Badlands it’s own style and sound.

The band covers a wide range of country music from traditional to ballads and modern classics and also play some self-penned songs. 

Russel Kitchin – Guitar and Vocals

Founder and band leader, Russel’s love for the country scene began at a young age with some of his fondest and earliest memories sitting under the kitchen table, listening to his mum’s country compilation tapes.

After years of playing the circuit as lead guitarist and harmony vocalist with many acts, and as lead guitarist and vocalist in the blues power-trio Sloe Gin, Russel decided to take his own vision of a country band out onto the UK circuit.

He loves performing with Badlands, balancing the busy schedule of the band with his own original country music career. Russel cites his influences from phenomenal artists like Marty Stuart, Brad Paisley, Alan Jackson, and many other country and western legends as well as blues and rock icons such as Joe Bonamassa, Mark Knopfler and Eddie van Halen. He is passionate about performing and spreading the message about the quality and diversity of styles that make country music. 

Heather Kitchin – Guitar and Vocals

Heather is one of the lead vocals and lead/rhythm guitar player for Badlands. While her foundations lay in classic rock, influenced by Slash of Guns N Roses and Deep Purple’s Richie Blackmore, she was raised on the best of the 90’s country and took to the guitar with a fierceness.  With a BA in music and a history of rock and metal bands, Heather moved up the music chain from the band’s sound engineer to one of the main driving forces, giving the band an opportunity to conquer some of the women’s country music hits. 

Ash Thompson – Drums

As the eclectic rocker behind the drums, a lot of Ash’s inspiration came from the 70’s & 80’s rock, funk, punk and gothic genres. When it comes to country, he says it’s hard to find any other music that delivers a story the same. The passion in both the lyrics and the music is inspiring. 

Ash finds playing, working and travelling with Badlands a real pleasure and says working with a group of such talent is a treasure and the audiences are a massive part of what makes playing the country circuit so special.

Jules Widdop – Bass

Jules is a multifaceted artist known for his dynamic contributions and is the new guy in the band As a bass player his basslines have anchored countless live performances and studio recordings, adding depth and rhythm to a wide range of musical genres. Jules is not only a bassist but also a talented singer and songwriter. His evocative lyrics and vocals have been the driving force behind many memorable songs, connecting with audiences on a deep emotional level. In addition to his abilities as a musician, Jules has ventured into the realm of dance music production, crafting infectious beats and innovative electronic compositions that have made waves in the club scene. His dedication to exploring new sonic landscapes and pushing the boundaries of music has solidified his status as a versatile and visionary artist, leaving an indelible mark on the world of music.