Kayleigh Mathews

Nashville recording artist, Kayleigh Mathew’s love for music and singing started at the young age of three in Tucson, Arizona. With musical influences such Reba McEntire, Vince Gill, the Eagles and Journey, she began to train professionally and performing live at the early age of five. As Kayleigh grew older her love of traditional country storytellers, such as Ernest Tubb, Bill Monroe and Patsy Cline, inspired her to begin writing her own story through music.


By the age of fifteen, Kayleigh had written her first song which planted the seeds for her future life endeavors. At the age of twenty-two, she began honing her songwriting skills on stage in local country bars and clubs. With her ever-growing passion for singing, writing and performing her own music, she moved to Nashville in 2018. Kayleigh knew the only way to feed the hunger within was to come to the home of country music, honky tonks and, of course, the Grand Ole Opry!

Since moving to Nashville, Kayleigh has opened for artists on the world-famous Broadway honky tonks, sang the national anthem at Vanderbilt University and venues throughout Kentucky. One of the many highlights of her young career was when she won a vocal competition for a Gospel festival. Her prize for winning this competition was the honor of performing her rendition of “How Great Thou Art” at Storytellers Hideaway Farm and Museum, which belonged to country music legend Johnny Cash. In true Kayleigh fashion, she gave her version acapella highlighting the true beauty and power of not only the song but her voice!

Of her single “Unconditional” Kayleigh says, “Country music for me has always been about telling stories. I think that’s what draws people to the genre. That’s always been something I wanted to stay true to in my songwriting as well. I’ve written the classic heartbreak country song before and when the words and music started to come naturally it was a wonderful change. For me, ‘Unconditional’ is a snapshot of my heart learning what unconditional love was supposed to be all along and finding it in my own life. Can’t wait to hear what it means for you!”

Love Nashville was written by Kayleigh with her producer Dave Smith and was written from in letter form signed, Love Nashville. The song is really a letter to the dreamers, those that aspire to share their stories through music and Nashville’s advice. While being a musician in music city isn’t always glamorous and full of hard work there is so much love, passion, & soul that keeps the dream alive and well.

Kayleigh partnered with LOVE NASHVILLE a brand and community movement that brought all parts of the city together for the common good – to support small businesses, women-owned businesses and spread love around Nashville.

With the song and brand Love Nashville their goal is to inspire those who have a love for Music City for all the dreamers, creators, listeners, and music lovers.