Steve Grozier

Steve Grozier is a songwriter, singer and musician based in Glasgow, Scotland. Steve is known for his heartfelt lyrics and effortless, emotion-filled vocals lending his songs a world-weary believability. He has released two well received EPs and 2019’s double A-side “Goodbye Rose” b/w “Jason Molina’s Blues”. 

Steve became only the second Scottish artist to be invited to play the Americana Music Association’s prestigious showcase event in 2018. He has also performed at Europe’s largest country music festival, Country to Country. Steve has opened for several established acts, including Blitzen Trapper; Charley Crockett; Buck Meek (Big Thief); Chris Shiflett (Foo Fighters); Susto and The Wooden Sky. 

‘All That’s Been Lost’ is Steve’s debut album. On the eight-song collection Steve says, “There’s some darkness and pain in there and I think that comes with ageing. The older you get the better acquainted with loss you become, I think. There’s some hope in there too though. The idea that it’s worth the struggle, it’s worth trying, that there’s a light on somewhere”.

The album’s title, chosen before the pandemic, has turned out to be strangely prophetic. Recorded at ‘The Ranch’, home studio of friend and bandmate Roscoe Wilson (Anton & The Colts), Grozier was all set to record before being abruptly halted by lockdown. When it was safe to continue, the dynamic of the recording process had changed dramatically. Given the size of the studio, the musicians playing on the record all had to record their parts separately or remotely.

‘All That’s Been Lost’ is a fully realised piece of work. The themes of loss, darkness and emotional pain find parallels in the work of Phosphorescent or Richmond Fontaine. ‘Sam, I Know You Tried’ is a dark, layered rocker, featuring excellent guitar work from producer and multi-instrumentalist Roscoe Wilson. ‘Blue and Gold’ and ‘When the Darkness Comes’ are Grozier at his best, his effortless vocal sitting in contrast to the heart-breaking lyrics. The beautiful ‘I Miss My Friend’ is dedicated to Neal Casal and is a touching tribute to one of Grozier’s heroes.

The two singles taken from the album, ‘Memories’ and ‘Power in the Light’, showcase Steve’s range as a songwriter. On ‘Memories’, we find Grozier coming to terms with ageing and the pain and beauty in doing that with someone you love, while at the same time aware of all that has been lost along the way. It features some intricate dobro work from American Nathan Golub (Mandolin Orange, Mountain Goats). 

On the second single ‘Power in the Light’, Steve is at his most hopeful. He sings,
“I’m strong in the fight, there’s grief and anger, but there’s power in the light”. Steve says that light is “whatever you need it to be or wherever you find the strength to go on. To keep trying”.  Ultimately, this is the underlying theme of ‘All That’s Been Lost’. Hope.

‘All That’s Been Lost’ will be released digitally on May 7th 2021 with limited edition 12” vinyl from 1st October 2021. Lead single ‘Memories’ and second single ‘Power in the Light’, with accompanying music video, out now.