Glasgow band DECEMBER have been together in different line ups since the 1990s and have influences as diverse as Springsteen, The Jesus and Mary Chain, The Waterboys, U2 and Maria McKee.

The band are:
Ails – lead vocals
Paul – guitars and vocals
Graeme/Kenny – drums
Grant – bass
Scott – guitars
Stephen – guitars

The band’s single Alison Stewart was released on 2 November 2015 as a tribute to U2 and Alison Stewart/Hewson. The follow up ‘Kenneth Mathieson Dalglish’ was released on 4 March 2016 in honour of the Scottish legend.

George Jones is a song written by December in honour of the country legend. In the song the band are imagining him looking back on his life and in particular his period with Tammy Wynette. The song is about regret and the need for forgiveness – and about coming home.

December have said that: ‘We view George Jones as the greatest ever country singer, a man of grace and vulnerability who was open about his battles and whose songs revealed his heart. In this song we are imagining him singing to Tammy Wynette. We appreciate we are going where angels fear to tread and hope he and she wouldn’t mind our boldness. Our intention is to honour him and say thank you.’

The song features on the band’s album ‘I Will Let You have Your Say’ which was released on Saturday 14 May 2016 with a sold out gig at Glasgow’s Oran Mor venue. The album is a collection of songs inspired by the band’s heroes and also includes tracks named after Barack Hussein Obama, The Waterboy’s Mike Scott, Lone Justice’s Maria McKee and Scottish football legend Kenneth Mathieson Dalglish.

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