MEADOWLAND is the sound of two people from sometimes wildly different musical backgrounds, discovering common ground through a shared love of traditional American music. Before meeting up, both Laura and Kevan have performed solo and in various bands around the north of England. Now, with a winning blend of razor-sharp harmonies and foot-stomping beats, Meadowland are steadily building up a loyal following on their local acoustic circuit.

Live, the duo, armed only with an acoustic guitar and two voices, move easily through a range of music genres incorporating soul, Celtic, folk & pop but always come back to bluegrass and Americana. They play a mix of original material and covers of songs by artists such as Alison Krauss, The Dixie Chicks & Little Big Town.

In the studio, the sound is filled out with mandolin, banjo, bass and drums – all played by the duo themselves. As yet, Meadowland haven’t produced material for general release – but CD’s are available at gigs and there are songs on their Facebook, Reverbnation and MySpace pages.

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