Ginny Peters

Ginny Peters is a singer songwriter from New Zealand who was born in Burnbank, Scotland, emiigrating to New Zealand at the age of four. She has recorded for Epic, RCA and several independent labels in New Zealand. She has also recorded for several labels in the USA including Playback Records. Two singles for Playback made the Cashbox Charts in 1988/89.

Without doubt Ginny’s greatest success was when she came to the attention of Country Music legend, Cliffie Stone. Cliffie was so impressed with Ginny both as a writer and singer that he brought her to Hollywood to record an album with him producing. Two singles from these sessions were released by RCA but a change of management meant that the whole album was not released untill now. Pegasus Music have made all of these sessions available on Ginny’s new album, “BUTTERFLY WINGS”.

Ginny’s other CD, “THE JOURNEY” features 14 songs recorded by other artists from around the world. Including a track by Cliffie Stone himself.

It is as a songwriter that Ginny considers herself to be most at home. Her song, “I Only See You” has been recorded 37 times by artists around the world and has been a big hit in New Zealand for Dennis Marsh. In 2018, Ginny received a platinum award in recognition of the song’s success.

“In The Arms Of A Memory” is another song of Ginnys that has great success being a number 3 song in Australia for Brian Letton in 1994. In all Ginny has had over 210 covers of her songs.