Travis Logan

British-born singer-songwriter Travis Logan has been performing and writing country music since childhood. 

After registering scores of his own songs with ASCAP, professional artists can then choose songs from the catalogue to record and release as a single or be used as an album filler. Texas-based country music legend Claude Gray came across a song from the catalogue which got his attention and chose to release it. It’s a song written by Travis called “The Girl Who Made This Cowboy Cry”

Travis was enthralled to receive a call from Claude and says, “I was painting a room in my house when I received a call from Brigitte, a record producer in Texas, and she expalined what was required. Claude then came on the telephone and introduced himself”. Travis went on to say that Claude said, “that’s a mighty fine song you have. I would have thought a real cowboy from Montana had written it, not a guy from England!”

Travis says, “I suppose because a third of the world’s country music is sold in Texas alone, Claude found it hard to believe that country music here in the UK is very popular.”

Travis is highly delighted to have one of his songs recorded and released by an artist from the US as it is rarely achieved considering the number of songwriters there are around the world.