Travis Logan

Travis Logan has dedicated his life to country music, writing and performing since childhood and culminating in over 3,000 live performances. Influenced by the likes of Waylon Jennings and Johnny Cash, Travis writes from the heart with all the emotion you would expect from a traditional country song and delievered in his distinctive pure country voice.

Travis has a passion for country music that would be difficult to surpass and he has an unrivalled devotion to this genre of music. He excels not only as a singer/songwiter, but also as a musician and composer and has won numerous awards in recognition of his talents.””

In 2009, Travis fulfilled the dream of having an album of original songs recorded in Nashville. He enlisted the help of renowned producer Lonnie Ratliff and some of Nashville’s top musicians including Rodger Morris and Dow Tomlin who have played keyboards and bass guitar for Kenny Chesney and Brooks & Dunn respectively.

Producer Lonnie Ratliff said of Travis, “”He is one of the few remaining singer/songwrtiers of real country music. He writes about the real emotions which occur in one’s life from love to heartache, subjects which have been and still are the backbone of real country music. He sings with a passion which tells you that he has actually lived through the emotions he writes about, and has been down that pathway of life. His music is real. He is a great asset to country music and it has been a pleasure to work and produce for Travis.””

Travis returned to Nashville in 2010 to record the album “”Ride Into Tomorrow””. The album was described by Dogbones Music Nashville as “”one of the finest original albums of pure traditional style country music you will buy this year””. He was then invited to represent an American company on Music Row to perform at the 2010 CMA Music Festival – an achivement of which Travis is very proud.

After winning Best Solo Male Artist and Best British Album at the British Country Music Awards 2009, Travis has gone on to further his achivements by making TV appearances performing country music on Channel 4. He has been offered a record deal by Paramount in Nashville, and has been interviewed by several national and international radio stations.

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