Andrew Jones

Accomplished British country music singer/songwriter Andrew Jones has been a part of the UK scene for well over a decade having first fronted rock crossover act Journey Home before performing across Britain’s top country festivals including the pop-up stages at the O2 Arena for Country2Country and many times for the BBC Introducing Oxford’s Live Events Stages.

Taking inspiration from a number of different genres has helped him write songs that people can relate to no matter what their relationship is with Country music. He draws on sights and sounds from 70’s and 80’s rock, Old School Southern Rock and newer Country Music to write meaningful songs that audiences respond to. Some parodies of American Country life can be heard cleverly intertwined in the writing as well. “Ain’t Quite a Truck” as a perfect example.

“For me, it doesn’t really matter what genre a song is, if you like it then you like it. I listen to all sorts of music and that helps come up with different ideas when writing.”

Andrew has been playing on the Country Music scene in the UK for over 15 years following a successful career with his former Country Rock band Journey Home (previously Acoustic Journey), who were nominated for a number of awards at the British Country Music Association Awards and The UK Country Music Awards.

In the the spring of 2023, Andrew released the single “My Old Street”. He says, “This song follows a bit of a timeline moving from a tiny village in North Wales to my current small town on the edge of the Cotswolds. Then the challenge of getting to know all the local people and finding my spot in the community. Progressing in to the start of my own family and all the stories and memories we make along the way. This leads nicely in to the future of my little boy and the paths he might tread as he grows up. Hopefully having just as much of a good time as I was lucky enough to have on my journey so far.

“Although COVID lockdowns impacted everyone, it really made me see where I live in a completely different way. I am so lucky to be surrounded by good people, countryside walks and the occasional village pub. Having all this on the doorstep I sort of took for granted until we had no choice but to take advantage of everything we could within the lockdown confinements. Fresh air and family really got me through it.”

In June 2024, Andrew released his fourth solo single “Back to the Start”, a collaboration with Nashville musician and producer Smith Curry, and Jamie Masters of Echo Studios, UK.  

“I wrote this song during a pretty rough time in my relationship,” Andrew said, “and I think in these times of struggle, when you think you need a way out, all you really want is to re-find that spark and the feeling you had at the beginning… when every moment with the person was new and exciting.”

The result of Andrew’s vulnerability, alongside this collaboration, takes this release to the next level, with an uplifting, impeccable recording, capturing Andrew’s emotion. A traditional country sound, a lyrical story and instrumental licks and fills that will remain in the listeners head. 

“I love working with the team in Nashville to get the sound right for my music and finishing things off with the vocals and final production here in the UK with Jamie, gives it that final homegrown charm”.