DSP Band

DSP BAND is from the little Lappish village Kvalsund, far up in the northern part of Norway. The core members of the band are Per Øyvind Mathisen and Rune Nyby. The guys have been making and playing different kinds of music together since way back in the eighties. These days they are mainly making and playing gritty roots-inspired music (mostly country and americana) that reflects the joy and sorrows in life as they observe and experience it.

In recent years, DSP Band has released several singles on Spotify, iTunes and Amazon. In 2015 they released the album ”The Last Twang” with 12 country and blues inspired songs.

DSP band have been Artist of the Week at Penn’s Peak Radio in Pennsylvania, they reached 9th place at the Norwegian Top 15 Country Song list with the song Easy going guy, they had a placement at Joyce Ramgaties top 200 country music list and their music is frequently played on radio in USA, Australia, Sweden, Norway and several other countries.

DSP Band’s single releases are: Uncle Willy, Give ’em a Hand, I’m Good Company, Easygoing Guy, Driving Home to You, He Is on His Way, I’m Doing All Right, My Coal is Burning Again.