Country duo HENGISTBURY, AKA Jessie Mary and Pete Briley formed in November 2017.

They launched their debut single ‘What Folks Don’t Know’ to widespread acclaim with features, interviews and live performances on the likes of Russell Hill’s Country Music Show, Off the Record, The Music Scout, UK Country Music, Nexus Music Blog, Craving Country, Folking.com, and Belles and Gals. They were featured in Lyric Magazine’s Hottest Country and Spotify’s Country Mix 2018 playlists. They were also named Artist of the Week by Richer Unsigned and Q Magazine.

In October 2018, Hengistbury launched their debut album.Recorded in the band’s tiny studio on the Dorset coast, Hengistbury have delved deep into the array of instruments available to them to create a sound that is “distinctly unique” (Nexus Music Blog) and “charmingly Country” (Craving Country UK).

The conclusion of their sonic exploration is debut album ‘Add Another Minute’ and the opening track ‘Shooter on the Mound’ which is the band’s second single.

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