's Most Heard No.1:
Love's Embrace - Jackson & Clarke

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The second collection of songs from artists working with the team from Country Music Social Media features 12 tracks from artists including Todd Barrow, Danny McMahon, Helena Mace, Rett Russell, Wayne Jacobs, Jackson & Clarke, Michael McMillan, Dina Andrews and Hearts That Beat
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MY BACK YARD - Martin Smith
The soundtrack to Martin's DVD of the same name. Includes some new tracks as a taster from Martin's new album due to be released in 2018. Other tracks are older favourites which have given Martin success on various country music charts and have been featured on various TV programmes. Includes "Y Put The X In Christmas", "Bitter Sweet" and "Braveface"

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CROSS COUNTRY - Michael McMillan NEW
The fourth album from Glasgow-based alternative country music singer-songwriter Michael McMillan whose songs tell stores from "the heart of the streets" and "the streets of the heart". The album tells the story of Michael's extensive trip across the US which included a performance at Greenwich Village, New York. Includes "Alive Again", "Death By Broken Heart", "Scars And Stripes", "Tell Her" and "Three's A Cloud".
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