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Get Me On The Plane - Grand Prairie

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GARY QUINN - Gary Quinn
The self-titled debut album from UK Country Artist Of The Year 2014 nominee Gary Quinn contains 10 self-penned tracks. Includes the power ballad "He Don't Show Her Anymore". "The Power Of Me And You" and "On Your Way Out".

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JUST FLY - Danny Lee
This album was recorded in Nashville, remixed in England and features some of Nashville's finest musicians. The album includes Running Down The Road, Open Up For Me, We Can Only Go To Here, Invisible Touch. Do You Love Me and Flowers In The Rain.
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TIMELESS - Malcolm Jagger NEW
A 15-track instrumental album from Yorkshire-based Malcolm, who plays just about every stringed instrument. Includes "Blue Moon", "Irish American" and the self-penned tracks "The Croppers Dance" and "Slide Dogas".

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THIS AIN'T RENO - Grand Prairie NEW
The 2013 release from the 6-piece country rock band features 12 tracks, nine of them written by lead singer Rob Wilson with the album's producer Steve Elson. Includes "A Little Bit Of Nice Boy", "Chuffin' Through The Tunnel Of Love", "Tomorrow I Will Go", "I Can't Wait 'Til Monday", "Lost 'n' Gone" and "This Is What I Get For Lovin' You".
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GHOSTS - Keith Shaw NEW
Keith's 2015 album features eight self-penned tracks. Includes "The Wine Goes Down" and the Christmas song "No Room At The Inn"
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