Liz Clarke

Liz Clarke was born in Glasgow in 1962. Elizabeth Clarke McColl is known as Betty by her family and friends. 

Liz has grown up around music all her life. Her father played a flute and her grandfather played accordion. Liz took up the accordion at the age of 8 and taught herself basics on the instrument and continued to play throughout for enjoyment and in her band. Her mother and father enjoyed listening to music and by age of 10 Liz had very keen interest in music.  She was listening to rock ‘n’ roll music from as young as 10. Her favourite singer was Elvis. By time Liz was 12 she was listening to all types of music from the 50s to the present day and her passion was rock ‘n’ roll and country.

Liz joined a choir at School and was enthusiastically got involved in all the school musicals. By 15, Liz was dancing in a dance group to popular music and continued playing her accordion dancing and singing. 

Liz met her husband in primary school. They grew up together and when they were 18 they got engaged. Her husband also played keyboards from 8 years old so music was very much part of their life. Gary was in a rock band until they married at 19 and then everything was put on hold while they had their family. Liz and Gary still kept their hand in on their musical skills playing keyboards at home. They never stopped playing music.

When the children had all grown up, Liz began to pursue her music career. IN the early 90s, she and Gary put together a duo. In the 2000s it evolved into a three-piece band called Eclipse which is still onngoing and her country band Stetsons & Heels. In the coming years Liz performed in clubs and functions as a successful artist within this circle covering all genres of music and doing solo cabaret but her heart was still in country. 

In 2015 T Jae Christian, a well-known and established country singer/songwriter from Nashville, heard Liz on social media and liked what he heard. He called Liz and asked if she would like to do a duet with him, “The Vanishing Breed”. The song launched Liz into the country music scene in Nashville working with T Jae on a few more duets and some original material with his label Universal Sounds Records. She went from playing the clubs to TV appearances on country shows and singing at country festivals released two albums in 3 years “The Vanishing Breed” and “A Night At The Opry” which was last at the Glasgow Grand Ole Opry. 

The next years were very busy with radio interviews, promoting and shows as well as recording albums in Glasgow. Liz is now appearing in many clubs in the midlands and taking her career to next level.

Liz is now working with The Jackson and Clarke Rock n Rodeo band with her duet partner Paul Jackson. However during lockdown in 2020 with no music going out Liz decided to put together an album with her originals.

The Album is called “To Nashville With Love” because Liz wants to give something back to Nashville and her friends and fellow musicians and writers who had faith in her and her ability complete this album. The album features some of the best award-winning songwriters in world. Liz has included a couple of covers including “Let’s Make Love” by Jackson & Clarke which was the number one Most Heard Song on for three months and the number three Most Heard Song of the year. The other cover is a very patriotic song close to her heart called “Voices Of The Highlands” all about her beautiful Bonnie Scotland her homeland. 

Spotlight UK Artist interview – July 2021

In September 2022, “Blue Skies Over Georgia” was named the winner of The Song Award at The UK Country Music Awards

In January 2023, Liz teamed up with fellow UK country singer Darren Knight to record a cover of the Marty Stuart/Connie Smith duet “I Run To You”

In May 2023, Liz released “I Ain’t Going Nowhere” which she co-wrote with the late Scottish songwriter John McKeever. The bluegrass song was produced and recorded by Mark Moseley and T Jae Christian at Universal Sounds Records in Nashville.

In July 2023, Liz released the single “Mother”. It is a cover of a song originally recorded by the US duo Sugarland for their 2018 album “Bigger”. Liz recorded the song at Stealth Recording Studio in Glasgow. The track features backing vocals from Charley Mcgarvey. 

For Christmas 2023, Liz released “Silent Night”, a collaboration with Scottish singer Jim Smith. It’s in the style of the Lady Antebellum cover of the traditional Christmas song but with a further Scottish twist complete with bagpipes. 

In December 2023, Liz released the single “Because You’re Mine”, written by Michael Blaymore and Tommy Eubanks from Nashville.