Nutty Norah

I started listening to Country Music in the 1950s on AFN. 

I ran Keith Fordyce’s Fan Club for a number of years while he was on Radio Luxembourg and we remained good friends for 53 years until his untimely death.

When Radio Caroline North was broadcasting in the 1960s I was Fan Club Secretary for Daffy Don Allen who presented the “Country Jamboree”. 

When Don was on shore leave he used to do discos, and played a lot of country as well as pop…he had a great record collection. 

So that Don could meet his fans I was usually left to do the last DJ set!

In the 1970s I worked for Greenwoods Records in Bradford. 

Goff Greenwood did the BBC Radio Leeds Country show and also a few discos. 

He was asked to do a Sunday night Country Disco at the Harvester in Bingley. 

He went off to negotiate the deal and when he arrived back he said “All settled – YOU start on Sunday! They have their own Disco gear, you just need the records – take whatever you need from stock!” 

That’s how I became a Country Disco DJ.

Over the years I was involved with radio and did interviews with visiting American stars and the British ones too. 

Family commitments took me away from radio and country music for several years, but now I’m back!

Join me for my afternoon show, every Monday and Tuesday from 1pm.