PJ’s passion for country music started while growing up with a mixture of country and 60’s pop music, then over 20 years ago when he first began line dancing with his parents Peter and Joan, this exposure to the country music scene sparked his love of country music.

PJ began teaching line dancing in 1997. He choreographs his own dances, organises events including a monthly country music club and a bi-annual Country Music Festival, DJ’s & teaches at various country music festivals and line dance events, all of which feeds his passion for country music.

Over the years, PJ has found himself invited on stage by artistes including Texas Gun, The Drive, Mel Dixon, Ron Spence, Zenne and Dave Inglis and more recently, was privileged to perform with The Breeze at one of the 3 Gary Perkins tribute shows.

PJ has received great support from fellow artistes and from his local community as his singing career has taken off. PJ has always had a keen interest in media and is delighted to be a part of our team.

Join PJ to kick off your country music weekend on Friday at 5pm when he’ll introduce the weekend Spotlight UK Artist. He’s back on Saturday and Sunday lunchtimes for The UK Country Showcase from 12noon, and then Number Ones At one from 1pm.