Walker Tex

Howdy, I’m Walker Tex. I hail from Glasgow originally and lived in Northern Ireland throughout the 1990s, before settling in Ireland, where the rolling hills and open skies continue to foster a long-established love for country music. With a sound that blends melodies lending nostalgia and warm tones to compelling storytelling, I am humbled and proud to say that my music has been shared by radio stations the world over, from Europe to Australia and the United States. Whether crooning about heartache, celebrating life’s simple pleasures, or pining to get away from the trials and tribulations of society altogether, I endeavour to instil authenticity in my music above all else.

I began my musical journey at a young age, strumming along to Bryan Adams on a tennis racket at the age of five. From there, influences from punk, metal and country music collided inside my heart, where a story was already beginning to unfold. This story would tell itself through brooding and gothic folk songs the likes of which Hank Williams would have been proud, with all his ups and downs. I’ve fed and nurtured this sound and made it what it is today, along with some talented and creative individuals who I am lucky enough to call friends.  

I first began to work with a producer, Malleus Incus Stapes when we first found each other in 2020. Both in the infancy of our musical careers, we found that we could work together to develop our individual sounds while also giving birth to Walker Tex, a character with a dark and painful history who deals with the many nuances of life through an introspective lens, experimental soundscapes and music with momentum, Malleus was happy to stretch his producer wings and mould a new yet comfortingly familiar sound. Along with talented lead guitarist, Wilson Lyons, we have developed a bond, a camaraderie through which we encourage each other to blend genres and push our collective boundaries.

In February 2024, Walker Tex released the single “Society”. Not just a song, it is a heartfelt anthem which resonates with anyone seeking solace from the hustle and bustle of modern life. Penned by Walker Tex and Malleus Incus Stapes, the track captures the yearning for a simpler existence amidst the chaos of the world. With a catchy, upbeat march style, listeners can’t help but be swept away by its infectious rhythm.

Recorded in the heart of Dublin, Ireland, “Society” was born in the cozy confines of a small apartment over the course of a single week. Featuring the vocal talents of Kenan Flannery and Copper Kelly, this track is a testament to the power of collaboration and creativity.

What sets “Society” apart is its poignant lyrics, which speak directly to the current state of our society. As the world becomes increasingly obsessed with materialism and wealth, this song serves as a rallying cry for those yearning to escape to the countryside and embrace a more rustic lifestyle.