Marc Ring

Marc Ring is a singer, songwriter and percussionist originally from the East End of London, now based in central Essex, UK.

He has worked extensively in the UK, Europe and Australia over 30 years, including working with many accomplished artists, either as percussionist or writing strong melodic songs. With his background in production he has not only produced his own but also other artists material.

Marc has maintained a strong presence in the performing world with the likes of the UK Mavericks, The Burns Brothers, Latin Express and the 80/90’s Country Band, White Lines, in recent years Marc has performed with Onyx, Blue Tattoo, the country music band Slick Willy and the very successful covers band “Tripwire”.

Spotlight UK Artist interview with Marc Ring

Marc also fronted the country music band “Good Thinking”, who released several singles and the successfull album “Turning the Clock Back”.

Marc has released several albums over the years, including “The Long Road Home”. The album includes “The Shandon Bells” which tells of the bells in the church of St.Anne in the Shandon district of Cork City in Ireland. The church tower is a landmark and symbol of the city.

From the top you can see the whole of Cork. The tower overlooks the river and the bells can be heard for miles. Mark was inspired to write the song after he found a photograph of his father standing outside the main doors of the church. The photo was taken on their final trip to Ireland, a year before Marc’s father died.

Run Ricky Run

In 2019, Marc released the single "Run Ricky Run". The song is in memory of Rick, the bass played with Marc's club band Tripwire for seven years. Originally from south London, his musical roots were soul, motown and r&B and he was instrumental in the musical path the band still follows today. Ricky passed away in 2016 after a year long battle with cancer at just 50 years old, leaving behind a wife and stepson. Marc describes him as an unassuming and funny guy, a real trooper with no ego, and says it was a pleasure to have him in the band

The Back of my Hand

Towards the end of 2019, Marc released the single "The Back Of My Hand". The song is about Marc leaving the outskirts of East London where he grew up and moving to a small village in the middle of Essex. It took two to three years before it felt like home. Marc still has a lot of friends in the 'old country', and he still sees them from time to time. Marc says that, although it took him some time to adjust, he wouldn't move back. The song comes from Marc's album "Waiting For Daylight" which is due to be released in early 2020.

In September 2023, Marc released the album “The Slim River”. The album is dedicated to and about Marc’s cousin Sean O’Shea who passed away suddenly in June 2021. 

Sean was a very successful business man. He was the CEO of a company specialising in student accommodation through out the UK with contracts for new build and refurbishment. He retired at Christmas 2020 but sadly passed away 6 months later from a sudden heart attack.

Marc and his counsins Sean and Gareth grew up together, attending the same school, living in the same area and playing in the same streets and parks in Goodmayes and Seven Kings on the edge of the East End of London.

Away from work Sean was an expert fisherman and would spend most weekends fishing in the west country and Wales.
All of the songs on “The Slim River”, are about their lives when they were very young and how all three of the brothers went on through hard work to be successful in their own rights and also about Sean’s passion for fishing.