Andy Kay

British writer and producer Andy Kay has, since 1995, been based in Dubai where he runs a large material handling company. He spends most of his spare time writing and producing songs for various artists and projects. his love for Muscle Shoals and Nashville has guided him to work with leading Nashville producer Philippe Wolfe who helped to bring in some of the season Muscle Shoal Swampers including guitarist Will McFarlane.

Together they are working on a 12-track album for a young seasoned vocalist who has the soul of Sam Cooke and the velvet sound of Steve Perry who will then embark on a 100-gig road tour in the Philippines starting in August/Sept of 2020.

In the meantime Andy is writing and releasing locally-produced tracks to be used in a 12-episode mini-series to be aired in 2020 called “Nothing Lasts Forever” .The tracks will be sung by various artists across the world to give flavour to the music.

Single Key: Written and produced by Andy Kay in Dubai.

Lead Vocal: Casi Joy, an American singer who got through to the knockout stages of The Voice USA in 2017 and was mentored by Blake Shelton.

Backing Vocals were arranged and sung by Kim Chandler, a professional vocalist and vocal coach on The Voice UK.
The song was put forward for the Ireland Eurovision Song contest 2020 and is still under review. The Track will be used in an episode of a Philippine Tagalog 12-part mini-series called “Nothing Lasts Forever” written by Andy, to be aired in 2020 & being filmed in Dubai & Philippines. Each episode will feature an original composition written by Andy.

Steven Jaymes is a well-established singer-songwriter from Australia who has the rasp of Joe Cocker and groove of Chris Rea. Steven will be working with Andy on several soul/blues tracks coming out of Muscle Shoals and Nashville and will be released in early 2020. They include “You Won’t See Me Again” and “Caught Up In Your Crying”.

Steven is fully booked up travelling the world performing his own material together with cover songs with his own twist. Andy was blown away when he heard his vocals. He says, “It’s hard to find a singer with an original authentic sound these days. Steven rips the guts out of a song and really makes you feel the pain!!”

Andy has also worked with Jessa Zaragoza “Bakit Mo Ako Iniwan”, a major singer/actress from the Philippines, Lorraine Crosby from UK who sang with Meat Loaf, and 2017 UK Country Artist Of The Year Thorne Hill.