Pete Lambert

Pete Lambert is a singer-songwriter from York. Taking influences from Folk, Americana and Country music, he sings songs about heartbreak, longing and whiskey.
His subtle and emotional finger-style guitar, honest, personal lyrics and heartfelt performances stun audiences.

An unabashed lover of the ‘sad song’ genre, Pete believes that the intense range of emotions that can be elicited by a song is a powerful thing. As a songwriter, getting those emotions onto paper and then out into the world through performance is one of the most gratifying and cathartic experiences.

Yorkshire born and bred but with the soul of a broken cowboy, Pete straddles the Atlantic – which might sound far fetched but actually he has really long legs.

Pete is currently recording his debut album, “Whiskey, Sadness, Heartbreak”, which will be released in late 2023.

In July 2023, Pete released the single “Never Die”. It’s a song not about death but definitely about a feeling of grief. It’s about being the last person to realise that something’s over, and the path of emotions that takes you on: denial, bargaining, and eventually acceptance and the realisation that the memory of what was is the thing you’re really clinging onto.

Musically, “Never Die” draws inspiration from esteemed artists like Jason Isbell, blending simplicity and grandeur to deliver a deceptively expansive sound. Pete envisioned a sonic landscape that incorporated strings and the haunting allure of electric guitar, resulting in a collaboration with incredible talents.