Tom Wright

Tom Wright

Tom Wright is a 21 year old British country-rock singer-songwriter, and has just released his debut album.

Brought up with the style of artists including Johnny Cash, John Mayer and Brad Paisley, his songs delve into the creative, story-telling element of country music, with the guitar-heavy drive of classic rock anthems.

Primarily a guitarist, Tom has performed with various musicians, travelling across the UK and Europe, and has played along artists including Don Felder (The Eagles), The Feeling, Ronan Keating and Huey Lewis. Alongside playing for other artists, Tom has been promoting his own songs at various festivals with his band.

He signed to local label AMS records in October 2014 and finally decided to record an album. It includes 13 original songs, with most of the instruments (including piano, bass and guitar) played by Tom.

As well as his own material, Tom is also touring around the country as the guitarist for the Billy Joel Songbook, performed by Elio Pace (Terry Wogan House Band).

The self-titled album is available from iTunes, or on CD from Tom’s website or the Online Music Store. It has already managed to climb to number 10 in the iTunes Country Chart.

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