The Jigantics

What do you think about most when in Spain? For three members of what was later to become The Jigantics it was putting together a band that could cross musical boundaries and create a project to fire their imagination. Band member Martin Fitzgibbon explains: “”We were on tour in Spain and got locked out of our Hotel one night after a gig. Eventually someone managed to wake the night porter and to celebrate we thought we’d have a few beers on the hotel roof garden. I had some ideas for a franck muller replica new band which had been in my head for a while and used the time to talk it through with Rick [Edwards] and Mark [Cole]. On the plane journey home I thought about it some more. It became a surprisingly enjoyable time for me trying to figure out the logistics involved. I had two more people in mind who I knew could make it work and decided to approach them””. But, according to Vocalist, Squeezebox and Harp player Mark Cole, the process wasn’t completely without setbacks. “”We recruited Marion Fleetwood on fiddle and the equally multi-talented Lyndon Webb on bass and tried out a number of ideas. Quite a few songs got rejected for one reason or another. Then as we got to know each other musically it gradually began to feel comfortable. There was a turning point, I don’t remember when exactly that was but suddenly ideas were slotting into place. We’d found our feet and songs started sounding interesting.””

Much of The Jigantics material is not their own but the band believe that the quality of the song is paramount when choosing material to record or play live. It’s a policy that has served them well. The album “”Daisy Roots”” has racked up an incredible amount of worldwide airplay from Australia to the USA with many requests to play live sessions on highly prestigious radio networks. Guitarist Rick Edwards explained how choosing their material operates. “”Everyone in the band writes and so there is fierce but friendly competition trying to get your song in a set. We have a basic rule we always follow which was agreed from the start. The song has to be right for us regardless of who has written it. It sounds simple enough but being objective regarding your own material isn’t easy and you have to accept the decision of everyone in the band. It’s not personal, it’s for the collective benefit but I’ve been in lots of bands where egos would never let that happen””. “”

Reviewer Ian D Hall of Liverpool Sound and Vision clearly understood the thinking behind trying to make songs your own: “”The vast majority of the songs on the debut album by The Jigantics, the smooth and virtuous ‘Daisy Roots’,swiss replica watches may be covers but that doesn’t stop Rick Edwards, Mark Cole, Marion Fleetwood, Lyndon Webb and Martin Fitzgibbon putting their own personal slant on the tracks. It is an arrangement that works well, for if you are going to cover somebody else’s music then at least make it stand out and not become just yet another clone, a perfect replica, a dull unoriginal copy. All the band had to do was make sure the sound they produced was perfect and they have succeeded with the precision of a surgeon’s scalpel. The five members of the band have not only recorded something very special but they have done it with style and grace as well, a rare talent when covering somebody else’s work. ‘Daisy Roots’ is an album to get lost in, to while away the hours without even realising it. The rich vocals and generous instrumentation give the whole album a quality of which any music lover would have been proud,”” Ian D Hall

With a number of festivals to come in the summer, continuing radio play and a trip to Europe later this year, The Jigantics have much to look forward to. They see it as just the beginning and believe there is more to come as they continue to explore musical options. “”Playing live is something we really enjoy,”” says Martin, “”and we try to make it an entertaining show by giving theset some lightand shade.But overall ouraim isfor you to go home with a smileand whodoesn’t want asmile everynow and then. We haven’t scratched thesurface yetof what thebandis capable ofbut weknow what’s required and howto get there. It’s goingtobe hard work andtake awhile but we’re on the way. That’s what makes it exciting it feels as though there’s a future ahead of us.””

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