The Good Intentions

Formed in 2003, The Good Intentions are Peter Davies, Gabrielle Monk and Frank Roskell. All songs are written by Peter Davies and have self released two albums to date: ‘Poor Boy’ (2008) and ‘Someone Else’s Time’ (2011). They have now signed to Drumfire Records. The new album was produced by respected West Coast USA musician and producer Rick Shea.

Their profile was raised considerably in 2012 following their appearance in the TV documentary ’56 Up’ – a series that has been following a group of people growing up from the first broadcast of ‘7 Up’ in 1963 – Peter is one of those subjects.

The Good Intentions’ music is based around acoustic instrumentation and three part harmony sounds, playing Americana, Bluegrass and Country. Having started performing in smaller venues in the north of England they have over the last three years played at a number of festivals and larger venues in the UK as well as touring in The Netherlands and the USA.

The Good Intentions performed a number of live sets on the pop-up stages at the Country 2 Country event at the O2 Arena (March 16/17) introducing them to thousands of country music fans.

“Traditional country, Americana, call it what you will…it’s nigh on musical perfection” Maverick May 2013

“Pretty much everything is a highlight” NetRhythms May 2013

“”Whether you call it Americana, country, or folk, Travelling Companion is a top album from a band at the top of their game.”” Liverpool Acoustic May 2013

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