J.J.Barrie is best remembered for the smash hit single “”No Charge”” which made number one in the UK charts in 1976 (knocking Abba from the top) and elsewhere around the world. However, J.J. started his music career as manager to Norman Wisdom and Blue Mink and then created his own record label Power Exchange before he took up songwriting himself before becoming as singer.

Despite a successful career as a singer, J.J. (real name Barry Authors) moved into the film business writing screenplays and he opened a development company based at Shepperton Studios in England before relocating to Canada where he now lives.

In 2014, J.J. released the 17-track album “”No Charge””. The album features original tracks as chosen by J.J. who, over the years, had a succsseful and accomplished career as a singer – releasing no less than six albums.

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