The Celia Bryce Band

The Celia Bryce Band is Tyneside-based and features the singing and song-writing of award-winning author Celia Bryce. They have released 3 albums and an EP to critical success and two of their songs, “Workers” and “Mayday 1916” have been finalists for the Listeners’ Club Song Award.

The band includes experienced musicians from an array of local bands such as Katy Freeway, Morgan le Fey, the Moat Brothers & the Bill Stickers Band, They are Eddie Harris [drums/vocals], Lee Crammon [keys/harmonica], James Palmer [guitars/vocals], Mike Swindale [fiddle/bass], Colin Bradshaw [guitar/bass/vocals]. They perform not only as a 5 or 6 piece electric band but also as a smaller 3-4 piece acoustic outfit.


The album “Here Before” was originally scheduled to be recorded in Nashville at T J Tunes Studio but Covid put paid to that. Instead it was partly recorded on Tyneside and partly in Nashville where the session band included award winning producer Thomm Jutz on guitar, Grammy winner Lynn Williams on drums and stellar session players Justin Moses and Rory Hoffman. Vocals, keyboards, acoustic guitars, accordions whistle & Northumbrian Pipes were added at the Cluny Studios Newcastle and then the whole was mixed across both places.


The album spans a range of roots styles that echo Celia’s musical influences. These are not just reflected in the intimate singer/songwriter numbers like “Lost” and “Hours” which might be expected. As well, there is a wide range of styles from folk [Who’ll Bring Me Flowers], bluegrass [Peacemaker], blues & gospel [Nome, Like a Hurricane] through to the modern country of “Here Before” & “Healing Wind” and even jazz & swing in “Meet My Family” &“Dinner Party”.

Celia’s two previous albums “Links” and “No Deals, No Promises” are still available as is the EP “Mayday 1916” which raised money for the British Legion