Stuart Rolfe and the Daylight Stealers

STUART ROLFE and the DAYLIGHT STEALERS is a unique blend of musicians creating the sound of Nashville, producing the big country sounds. 

Country music is a journey, the songs are stories with musical magic entwined within. 

Their unique sound spans from the 90’s to the modern day,  submersing you in the music and creating that feel-good factor.

In March 2021, Stuart released the single “What Happens When”. 

After watching BBC news and having the image of the virus from the newsroom video wall, words started to appear,in the junkyard of my mind. The image changed from blue to red as it rotated, which seemed to symbolise something, a change globally. A few days later there was a battle cry from the climate groups, referring to how as a country we would not meet the targets set out. Although still in midst of a global pandemic. We can’t go out, we’re locked within ourselves to keep safe, fighting this invisible war. 

Then came the chorus which refers to the masks and people’s identities. It occurred to me that people even stopped making eye contact, and that social interactions were slowly diminishing. Then of course the question “What Happens When” a question that cannot be answered, not even by scientists. 

The second chorus relates to people being rushed off to medical units and hospitals due to covid. These people had to go alone, no partners, carers, no-one. A time when you need reassurance and hope but being denied it. Also, the pain of the loved ones left behind not knowing where or how you are. 

We come to the pause in the song which is there to make you think about the two lines of verse three. A thank you to the emergency services and everything they do. The colour blue was originally chosen as nurses originally were in light blue and staff nurses in navy blue.

The band is supported by the team at Country Music Social Media and their song “Old Jack Frost” is included on their compilation album “The Christmas Edition”