Frank Jennings

FRANK JENNINGS is a country singer who’s been around for a long time! He was born in 1944 in London to Irish immigrant parents.

Frank came to prominence in the 1970’s when country music in the UK was riding on the crest of a wave. He won the TV talent show “Opportunity Knocks” and went on record for EMI at the famous Abbey Road studios in London and in Nashville.

Frank appeared on the “Grand Ole Opry” as well as the “London Palladium” and had the opportunity to work with some of the country greats including Tammy Wynette, George Jones, Faron Young and many more.

In 2011, Frank released the album “”Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow”” which was produced by Kieran Jennings and recorded at Studio 91 in Newbury. It went on to produce four top ten hits on the Hotdisc Chart, including “”Matamoros”” and “”Born And Raised IN Black And White”” which straight in at number one on the British and Irish chart.

Frank says, “”Recording in Nashville was something special, but so was this recording in a small studio in Newbury””. His previous albums with EMI enjoyed success, but on this CD, Frank had an opportunity to record some classics that he enjoys singing.

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