Paul Jupe

PAUL JUPE has over 30 years experience as a singer, guitarist and songwriter,  playing live and recording within many genres of music. Paul’s love of country music stems from the days his father would play him his collection of records by Jim Reeves, Glen Campbell, Dolly Parton any many more.

After writing a successful album for the Country Rock band AGD A Good Day he began writing songs for his solo career in June 2020. The first single being “HomeTown” followed by “Higher Love”, “Mother”, “My Bride” and a cover of Steve Earles “Copperhead Road”. 


Paul’s released the single “Late Night By The River” in 2021. It’s a song about being young, falling love and escaping the world for a while. It was followed in May by “Standing Strong” which tells of the heartbreak of breaking up with someone you love while putting a brave face on to the world.


“Crazy About You” was released in June 2021. The upbeat, fun, country rock song is about really liking someone but not having the courage to tell them how you feel. 

‘Looking Back’ is Paul’s 8th single release since June 2020. It is an energetic, feelgood and nostalgic country rock song about being young, sharing happy times with friends and touring in bands.

During 2021, Paul received a Fair Play Award at the Country Red Carpet Awards in Holland. He was also a finalist for two UK Country Music Awards.

The end of the year saw Paul release the Christmas single “It’s Christmas Time”. The song is about the special feeling Christmas time brings and the joyeous time spent with family and friends.

In February 2022, Paul released the single “Beautiful Day”. The warm vocal and acoustic guitar track is about being grateful for every day we are given and the beautiful things that surround us in nature. 

Paul’s songs have received great reviews and airplay on country radio stations throughout the UK, Canada, USA, Australia and Europe.

In January 2023, Paul released the single “Wheels Keep On Rolling”, the title track of his forthcoming second album.

The song is about working away from home trying to earn the money to create the life you and your family have always dreamed of. It is about being on the long journey home thinking about your loved ones. and looking forward to what the future will bring.