Dennis Welsh

DENNIS WELSH is a singer-songwriter from Glasgow.

His songwriting stems from a problematic earlier life when was a heavy smoker and drinker – a bottle and a half of vodka per night was no problem to him. Eventually, Dennis received some stark advice form his doctor – stop drinking or die. Fortunately, he chose to stop.

Boredom soon set in so, after a few weeks Dennis decided to take up songwriting. He found he loved it and, before long, he had written enough songs to fill three albums and recorded one. 

Among the songs is the festive offering “Bring All The Children It’s Christmas”. He wrote the song for his wife before she died fifteen years ago. It is dedicated to her memory:

“To my late wife, although the flame in her candle of life has died, the flames of her everlasting love will always burn in my heart for her,” – Dennis Welsh

Spotlight UK Artist interview: February 2023