Rawley Taylor

Rawley taylor makes his music on an island out in the Baltic sea. The place belongs to Sweden and is called Gotland – full of history, an unspoiled coastline and overcrowded with tourists during the summer months – something like where he has his roots in Glorious Devon.

He pumps his music across the waves hoping someone out there is listening – and nowadays it looks like some people are. Some in Sweden and the UK – but there appears to be an audience much further off across the Atlantic.

Is it country music you may ask? Perhaps not all of it – but the country banner is wide and boundaries are made to be stretched.

A new album “Maturity” was released in the Autumn of 2018

There are three other albums out there in the digital world. Some can be ordered as physical CDs as well.

“The Golden Ring and Other Stories” (2011) “A Touch Of Colour” (2012) and “The Country Variations” (2014)

Music should be fun to make and it sure is! Rawley just hopes that some of you will enjoy listening to what he churns out! A song should tell a story too – and on the latest album there is a story about the Crimean War and how sailors from the West Country ended their lives on the North of Gotland.Check him out on his website or on ITunes and Spotify

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