Nomad Dooley

With singer/songwriter NOMAD DOOLEY on acoustic guitar and vocals are:

  • Hazel Flannigan on violin
  • Lady D on bodhran and backing vocals
  • David Smaylen on cajon
  • Anthony Cope on acoustic guitar
  • Trish Bow on backing vocals

The band members have been friends for many years playing in various bands around the Midlands and UK

The influences are plentiful, from folk/rock genre political bands such as The Levellers and New Model Army to country icons like Woody Guthrie and Kris Kristofferson.

The album Trying To Survive was recorded at Tower Studios, Pershore and all tracks were recorded as live takes in the studio.

It is an album that will strike the listener as an eclectic mix of simple stirring songs with dynamic folk and country rhythms. The opening track Billy is a gripping ballad with haunting violin that drags you in to the album from the first note.

The title track, Trying To Survive is a classic political protest folk song with an incredibly catchy violin riff.

Freedom Fighter was inspired by Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara and has a melancholic tone to it. The song provides a rationale behind freedom fighters helping you put yourself in their shoes. It is a stripped back track that is hauntingly beautiful.

Cornish Memory was inspired by a time that the band spent at the beautiful Bude & Stratton Folk Festival 2015; lots of impromptu jamming, a tad too much drinking and a wonderful hour spent listening to the brilliant Jackie Oates with Tristan Seume on guitar.

Nomad Dooley tackles political and personal issues using dynamic folk/country tones and haunting violins in Trying to Survive. Each track makes you think about the lyrics and leaves you feeling melancholy, motivated or mad at what is happening in the world. While the melodies appear simple, they hook you from the first moments and will not let you go until your subconscious is ready.