Mike Lane

Music for MIKE LANE started out as a hobby. From being a teenager he always had a guitar in his hand and was singing.

During his time in Hong Kong, Mike became part of a Chinese four piece band and that was it, he was hooked! On his return to England he continued to play and sing at various shows that his friends had asked him to do.

Finally Mike turned professional in the 1980s and now has achieved amazing success not only in the UK but worldwide!

His talent and hard work have got him work all over the world. His music can be requested and played on most mainstream radio stations and is available for download on iTunes, Reverbnation and other internet sites and shops.He is also a regular on various country charts throughout the world and his new songs are receiving critical acclaim in Nashville, Ohio, Kentucky, New Zealand, Australia, Japan and Europe plus UK.

Mike is currently spending most of his time in the recording studio. He has recorded over 50 original songs and released 12 albums to date. Line dance professionals around the world have choreographed over 20 dances to his songs.

See the line dances to some of Mike’s songs

In 2013, Mike almost died after suffering an abdominal aortic aneurysm. He recovered, and took to the stage again. Then, in 2015, Mike went into hospital to have blood clots removed from his lungs and to combat colitis. While he was there, he suffered a second aneurysm. Mike remained in hospital for ten weeks. At times, his family and doctors were not sure he would pull full. But, eventually, he was stable enough to come home.

But that was only the start of Mike’s recovery. In essence, he had to learn to speak and walk again. He also took the time to learn a new skill – playing lead guitar. Now, back on his feet, Mike is back to his love of original country music and intends to be back in the studio in the next few months.

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