Brandon David

Brandon David was born and raised Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He grew up with country music but didn’t start playing or singing it until 2018. Brandon played in metal bands as a lead guitarist most of his life as his dad was a metal head guitar player as well! 

Brandon started singing at karoke night. It was his way of practicing singing! He would practise what he couldn’t do during the week, and then back to karaoke on Friday nights to show his hard work paying off. He started making videos for Facebook which eventually led to writing originals and taking them to the studio.

Brandon’s summer 2022 release “Sounds Good” was written by Steve Gerein. Guitars were produced by John Theil and Brandon produced the rest himself in his at-home studio. He decided to record the song because he felt connected to it the very first time he heard it. Brandon says, “It’s one of those general love connection songs that I think a lot of people will be in tune with!”