Lily Garland

“I always said Lily Garland would be a star, right from the first moment I heard her” Russell Hill, Express FM

LILY GARLAND is a singer-songwriter from Portsmouth, Hampshire.

Lily’s love for country music began when she saw the Dixie Chicks perform live in Austin, Texas back in 2000, their songs made her want to dance in her seat one moment and then cry the next!

It is the story telling that gets her the most, it doesn’t matter if a song is about love or beer, there is a story in there that is just so relatable!””

Having been inspired by British country music artists, The Shires and modern country legends such as Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert, Lily began writing and performing her own songs in 2015. Soon Lily believed these songs needed a wider platform so her debut EP ‘Time to Fly’ was born. All of the songs written for that EP have a personal meaning.

“”One thing I love about country music is that whatever mood I am in I can find a song that speaks to my heart and that was my aim with Time to Fly…..if I can write a song that just one person relates to then I have achieved what I set out to do!”” Lily Garland

Time to Fly was nominated for EP of the year 2016 by the female country music blog, Belles and Gals.

Lily performs acoustically and with a full band. designer watches She has performed all over the UK and her fan base is growing worldwide by the day! More recently Lily has performed alongside Nashville artist Dawson Reigns on his UK tour and supported award winning UK Country Artists such as Laura Oakes and Raintown.

“There is nothing like the thrill of performing live. I love being in the studio but performing is why I do what I do!” Lily Garland

Most recently Lily released a her second EP, The Next Chapter which soared to number 5 in the iTunes country chart. This was a really exciting project as it was co written and produced by songwriter/producer/Musician Justin Johnson.

Justin has not only recorded, produced and toured with some amazing artists in Nashville but has also written and recorded with the best UK country singer-songwriters such as Raintown, NARN, Emma Moore and Thorne Hill so he was the perfect partnership for Lily. The project drew on experiences Lily had gone through herself such as break up, finding yourself, finding the wrong guy (and then the right guy) and being a mother.

Lily is immensely proud of this project and feels she has grown as an artist and songwriter.

“There is little doubt that Lily Garland is a rising force on the UK country scene. Her first EP was simply brilliant, but it is more than clear that Lily has raised her game. ‘The Next Chapter’ sees Lily with a range of songs and a confidence of delivery that will surely take her to the next level” Nick Cantwell, Belles and Gals

Lily has been featured by Lyric Magazine in their playlist of theweek in February 2017 and also on The Next Women of Country Spotify Playlist. With regular airplay on Express FM, Country Belles Radio and other internet radio stations, Lily isreaching not only the UK audience but also Europe and The US.

Lily has performed all over the country andsupported award winningartistssuch as Raintownand Thorn Hill as well as supportingNashville artistDawson Reigns on his UK tour.

Lily was nominated fortwoUK CountryMusicAwards 2017,UK Female CountrySinger of the Yearand UK Country Artist oftheYear.

InJanuary2018 Lily was awarded the coveted title of Best Solo Act in the Portsmouth Guide Awards, an award she holds very dear to her heart due to being acknowledge by her peers and fan as being worthy of the title.

Later in 2018 Lily’s debut single from ‘The Next Chapter’ was nominated for the Listeners’ Club Song Award at the UK Country Music Awards and she was also nominated in the British Country Music Association (BCMA) People’s Choice Award for Best Solo along with some of the most exciting UK country artists of the moment.

Lily has radio airplay all over the UK, parts of Europe and the US and her fan base continues to grow worldwide.

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