Patsy P

Patsy P. is a French folk and country singer and guitarist. She learnt classic guitar at the age of fourteen. 20 years later, her passion became listening to BBC radio to hear her favourite songs sung in English. She decided to resume guitar lessons and then took singing lessons too. 

Patsy was first inspired by French female singers but, in the early 80s, discovered Olivia Newton John starring in the Xanadu movie and fell in love with her voice. She got a lot of Olivia’s first albums and fell in love with country music.

“Let Me Be There” was the first song Patsy loved and it has become her favourite and signature song. Over time, thanks to the internet, Patsy has discovered many country artists including Dolly Parton. 

After several years with a country rock band as a singer and guitarist, Patsy decided to perform solo shows singing country music standards by artists including Alison Krauss, Dolly Parton and Emmylou Harris. Her 90-minute show was called “On The Tracks of Country Music”. 

In 2014, Patsy had a musical encounter with Laurent, a singer and guitarist with 30 years of experience. They formed a duo called Froggys and, since 2019 they have been joined by bass player Serge and drummer Guillaume for huge stages and festivals. They play songs made famous by artists including Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Dolly Parton, Emmylou Harris, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Sugarland and John Denver.

When her musicians are not available to play with her, Patsy plays solo and has had the chance to sing and share stages with some American artists visiting France including Liane Edwards, Moot Davis, Scott Randall Rhodes, and James Laan. She has also performed in Luchenback, Texas with Bo Porter. 

During the Covid lockdown of 2020, when Patsy was unable to perform or rehearse with her band, she began to create her own songs.

In July 2021, Patsy’s dream came true when she released the six-track EP “Old, New and Evergreen”. It includes two of Patsy’s original songs “Honky Tonk Girl”, related to her trip to the US in 2015 and “Just an Ordinary Joe” about Billy The Kid”.

The EP is completed with the four cover songs “Let Me Be There” (Olivia Newton-John), “Blanket On The Ground” (Billie Joe Spears), “Jolene” (Dolly Parton) and the duet with Scott Randall Rhodes “If I Needed You” (Don Williams and Emmylou Harris).

The album is being promoted in France, across Europe and around the world