Arron GC

Arron GC is an unsigned country-pop and folk singer-songwriter. His music picks up themes from across everyday life, and has influences from blues, soft rock and gospel genres. He’s a Paramedic by training and his experiences inspire and inform his songwriting and lyricism. He grew up, lives and works in Yorkshire with his wife Rebekah and his four children.

Arron has been writing music and lyrics for around 20 years, but has only begun recording and distributing tracks in the last 12 months. He’s released a handful of acoustic tracks on streaming platforms, but “He Don’t Love You” is his debut single, fully produced and radio ready. 

The song comes from the heart of a father, teaching his daughter how to tell good guys from bad guys when it comes to love. The lyrics provide a guide for her, as she grows up and wants to understand if a young man is truly falling in love with her, or if he’s just playing games.

The song sits firmly in the country-pop genre, which is where Arron’s songwriting and music are most at home. Arron plays the acoustic guitar and the piano in the track, as well of course being its lead vocalist.