Prenevost & Barn

MEL BARNETT writes, “”If you were to believe in destiny, you would agree that the meeting between Frank and I was just that. On a particular day and at a particular time, Frank Prenevost from the USA clicked onto a musician’s website that months before I had left a message on regarding my wish to collaborate on a Country song. After scrolling down, almost to the very last line Frank read my message and thankfully, he felt inclined to contact me. That is how the Barnett & Prenevost partnership began.

“”I am a lyricist based in the UK and have had the good fortune to have collaborated with some amazingly talented musicians from all over the world from countries such as Australia, India, Argentina, Hong Kong, Belgium, Germany, USA, Estonia to name a few. Many of my collaborations have been performed on radio, stage and television, placed on musicians CD’s, and placed as a Finalists and Semi-Finalist in various Songwriting Contests including the reputable Dallas Songwriting Contest and UK Songwriting Contest.

“”Fortunately Frank and I clicked immediately. Being an extremely talented musician and songwriter in his own right, Frank has a vast amount of experience behind him from performing live with his own highly successful band, The Truesdells, to winning a considerable array of Contests. From a family of musicians and performers, Frank plays the banjo, guitar, fiddle, mandolin and bass. When I send Frank new lyrics he absorbs the story behind them and together we seem to have gelled. We have become firm friends, but we also bring something of ourselves into this Songwriting partnership which is an understanding and appreciation of each others work. We encourage each other, and we have the same dreams and aspirations.

“”Barnett & Prenevost already have a wonderful showcase of Country songs which is growing by the day. These songs are already gathering interest from artists within the industry, although Frank and I are just as happy to write fresh material for those singers wishing to get a foot on the ladder of this crazy business.

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