Mandy Prater

“Music has been essential in my life. I think it helps people connect to their feelings, it helps people connect with each other…”

Mandy Prater is an American musician, singer and songwriter. She would probably tell you that
music has saved her life many times since she started her first garage band as a young teen in
small-town Indiana, having spent her formative years listening to the classic rock and pop of her
parents’ generation, as well as grunge and alternative music.

She writes about love, vulnerability, and the courage to be authentic, with music and melodies that are accessible while still maintaining an edge that hearkens back to a DIY and alternative aesthetic. Mandy’s songwriting has picked up other influences over the years, most notably the Americana and country music influences absorbed by hanging around the honky-tonk music scene in her current hometown, Austin, Texas.

Mandy’s latest single, “On The Outside” was independently released in October 2021. It reached #32 on the Texas Internet Radio chart and #79 in the Texas Country Music Radio chart, and is still taking off globally as we speak.

From 2013 to 2020, Mandy Prater served as vocalist and guitarist in the all-female band The Mrs, who performed around the United States, were featured in media such as People Magazine and Good Morning America, and had two songs, “You Told Me” and “Enough” reach the FMQB Adult Contemporary Top 100.

In addition to her current activities as a recording artist and performer around Central Texas, Mandy Prater has spent the last few years growing her global audience on her live-stream music series “Free Parking with Mandy Prater” (Facebook, Instagram) and performing live shows on the streaming platform Twitch three times each week, where she has gained exposure to as many as 200,000 viewers in a single night and often plays to 1000+ viewers per stream. Join her interactive live shows and chat with other viewers at

Through her work with The Mrs and her livestream shows, Mandy has supported several charities for cancer research and support (St. Jude, Susan G Komen), domestic violence awareness, (SAFE, Texas Council on Family Violence, & Center for Child Protection) mental health support (Heart Support & SIMS), musician charities (HAAM), and food bank fundraisers, among others. She welcomes other opportunities to use her platform to promote good causes.

In addition to her solo career, Mandy performs with Texas Country band Fingerpistol – you can watch them live on Facebook or at their Twitch channel.