Malcolm Jagger

MALCOLM JAGGER began playing music at a very early age with a ukulele banjo. His first influence in music was George Formby, followed by Lonnie Donegan with his skiffle music and then rock ‘n’ roll.

Malc has performed with several bands over many years and in 1976 worked with Mitch Murray and Pete Callendar for a short while in London. He has had several spells working professionally when he recorded on the RCA Victor label and Bus Stop records.

Malc plays several different instruments including guitar, bass, mandolin, five-string banjo and a bit of pedal steel too. For the last few years, Malc has been concentrating on songwriting. He writes different kinds of music, but country music is his favourite.

In 2015, Malcolm, released a 15-track instrumental “”Timeless””. The album takes you through a range of musical styles and textures and features a mix of covers and self-penned tracks, many inspired by Malcolm’s local area in West Yorkshire.

A further collection of instrumentals followed in 2016 called “”Easy Does It””. The album features 14 tracks, half of them composed by Malc. There are also an interesting selection of covers including the theme to The Beverley Hillbillies, “”Ballad Of Jed Clampet””.

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