Keith Shaw

KEITH SHAW has been playing guitar and singing in bands since the mid 60’s. This includes folk groups, dance bands, blues and rock bands.””

In the mid 70’s Keith formed a country & western combo which played country and western clubs American air bases. As the band evolved and members left and were replaced, “”Country Network”” eventually finished up as a franck muller replica country music duo with Keith playing guitar and vocals and Alan Buckland playing steel guitar and vocals.

The duo also incorporated rock, pop and comedy into the act and played pubs, clubs and concert theatres, appearing as support act to many of the leading country artists at the time. In all this time Keith wrote and performed many of his own songs.

Nowadays, Keith seldom performs live gigs, and instead spends his time writing and recording.

In 2014, he was given the opportunity to release some of his music on an album called “”Dreams Sometimes Come True”” and hence his appearance on Hotdisc and

Keith released his second album of self-penned material called “”Ghosts”” in the spring of 2015 followed by the third, “”Jake’s Saloon”” in January 2016. Again, the album features only self-penned material with eight tracks including “”Not Tonight Josephine””, “”Bandito”” and “”Your Place Or My Place””.


Keith’s fourth album, “”Booze & Rock ‘n’ Roll””, was released in January 2017 with artwork by his wife Kay. Indeed, one of the songs, “”Boots (The Shoe Shop Song)”” was dedicated to Kay, as she used to run a shoe shop.

The summer of 2018 brought Keith’s fifth album of original material, “”The Dog And The Cadillac””.

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