Dina Andrews

DINA ANDREWS is also known as “The Pink Cowgirl”. She was given this name through the hourly slot she presents each week on Irish Country Radio.

Dina lives on Jersey in the Channel Islands and has been seriously songwriting for around 8 years and playing guitar since she was 10 years old.

“Let The Desert Wind Blow” was recorded in Nashville last April at the Southern Ground Recording Studios in Nashville. This is home to The Zac Brown Band. This song also won her a Nashville Directors award through Paramount Song.

Dina had the privilege of a guest drummer on the song, the fantastic John Gardener, who drummed for The Dixie Chicks, so she feels very privileged to have the services of such an accomplished and revered musician.

The song was inspired by a friend of Dina’s, Tony Paul, who plays lots of blues and a drunk who regularly shouts insults at some of the open mic singers, She thought someone who props up a bar stool all day must have a story and that is how the song came about.

“Complicated” is the third song released from the album of the same name.The subject of the song is self explanatory, but the person it is about made a huge footprint on Dina’s heart, which is why she decided to name the album after the song.It took her a year to be able to perform the song without crying.

The front cover of the album features a beautiful horse called Donald.He has since unfortunately crossed the rainbow bridge, but his owner gave Dina permission to use the photo in dedication to him.

“Tombstone Tarnia” was the first single released from the album and all proceeds from this song go to the Jersey Brain Tumour Charity.This song came from a challenge by another songwriter at C2C in 2017 and, as her dad was a gravedigger, Dina thought it was a great topic for her.The lady in the song is based on someone she came across during a stint as a barmaid decades ago. There is a video to go with this song and Dina and her cousin had great fun putting this video together!

The name of Dina’s album “The Naked Truth” came about after her best friend took a photo of her. It is a collection of songs written from the heart.

The album includes “Did You Find Jesus in Nashville” which Dina wrote after a homeless man tapped her on the arm in Nasvhille and asked if she knew where the church was that was feeding the homeless.

“The Chosen Few” was originally a poem Dina wrote which she then turned into a song. She had to get permission from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission to film the video amongst graves of fallen soldiers on Jersey after their bodies were washed up on the beaches during World War Two.

The album also includes a collaboration with The Taylor Brothers “Caress It Away”.

Spotlight UK Artist interview: March 2023