John Headley

Singer, songwriter and guitarist JOHN HEADLEY’s career highlights include writing a song for Joan Collins and performing it on BBC1 in 1995. The song was called “”Jones’s Star”” and it had a country feel to it.

John backed Wanda Jackson when she toured with Carl Perkins around Europe in 1987. Also in the 80s, he was in the backing bands for Ricky Vallance, Jess Conrad and Tommy Bruce Heinz.

In 2019, John wrote and recorded “”I Love Country Music””. The reaction from performances at acoustic nights has been fantastic and John is now hoping another artist will want to record the song.

John was inspired to write the song after hearing a Waylon Jennings track on the radio. It prompted him to dig out all of his old country music albums, and he realised how much he loves the genre.

In early 2020, John released the song “”The King Of Rock A Billy””. He was inspired to write a rockabilly song in 1987 when he was in a supporting band on a tour with Carl Perkins.

Later in the year John released the single “Justice”. John was moved to write the song after feeling there isn’t enough justice for people who attack emergency service workers or vulnerable people.


For his main job, John runs discos, karaokes, open-mic nights in the Northamptonshire area.