Mitchell Kersley

Cast aside what you thought you knew about Country/Americana music and find yourself contentedly adrift upon a transatlantic twist on a classic American sound.

Mitchell Kersley is an Alt-Country artist from the UK who, through his music, provides a modern take on traditional storytelling. He was born and raised in the British countryside and was exposed to variety of genres of music. However, as he got older, his musical taste began to gravitate predominantly to one genre in particular: Country.

He became profoundly inspired by the likes of Brad Paisley, George Strait, Chris Stapleton and Garth Brooks. A trip to music city in 2019 for the CMA Fest certainly cemented his deep passion for this timeless music and lit the fuse for the creation of his first EP: Dusk.

The EP opens with gritty, modern outlaw country that depicts the darker depths of countryside life: “Howlin’ At The Moon”.

The track focuses on the willingness to walk away from a shadowy past and those that kept you there. A catchy, chunky guitar hook ties together the narrative, expressed by layered harmonized vocals. The percussive kick and clap, accompanied by distorted power chords, drive the song forward like an express train hurtling through the old west.

Close your eyes, listen and let “Howlin’ at the Moon” transport you to a time of saloons, outlaws and gunslingers.